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Our Mission

Carnegie Mellon Solar Racing is a competitive solar racing team aiming to promote the use of sustainable energy, namely solar power, and its use in society.


The organization acts as a collaborative interdisciplinary space for students to hone their soft skills, tackle complex problems, and learn about building and maintaining a boat. We aim to provide our members with networking opportunities and engineering experience that will go on to serve them in their professional careers.

Our Team

Our team is a made up of more than 25 Carnegie Mellon students from across the university's schools and departments. Members are organized into 4 sub teams, hull, propulsion, power, and optimization, based on their interests. We work across these sub teams to build a solar powered boat that we race at national and international competitions each summer. 

Get Involved with CMSR


Gain experience working with other motivated students as a part of our interdisciplinary team. 


Join our team of industry leading corporate sponsors.

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